Stray Tinsel is a peripatetic, site-specific drawing project led by Sara Kerry and Jessica Wilson which utilises a childlike spirit of discovery that encourages the viewer to look afresh at their surroundings. 

Kerry and Wilson first met in 2012 when they became part of the inaugural year of Turps Banana Art School, an artist led studio based painting programme in London. This was the start of their ongoing discourse which in 2015 led to a two-person show, Lonely Long Feet, at Standpoint Gallery, London. 

Lonely Long Feet demonstrated that drawing is central to both Kerry and Wilson’s practices. Drawing has been and remains a necessary tool for painters: it is the mediator between the world and the studio with a unique emotional and intellectual capacity to record or capture a seen thing or an idea, and a necessary backbone for the pictorial construction and aesthetic execution of a painting. It is also intrinsic to a developing dialogue between an image/picture and the idea/concept that underpins a painting - a kind of consciousness within the making, which is a part of the ‘painting’.

Stray Tinsel grows out of this continuing dialogue. It is a place for shared discovery and creativity; a play-zone.

The idea is: Don’t stop. So, I’ll draw. And they’re goofy drawings. I mean, just searching, and they’re germinating. My painting comes out of drawing. I couldn’t live without drawing. I know that. It’s constant. You scribble. You draw. Okay.
— Philip Guston from Collected Writings, Lectures, and Conversations, University of California Press (2011).